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CCI is an Active California Nonprofit with 501(c)(3) IRS Status

CCI's current activity is to support the development of InterMix open source software at github under the GPL v3.0 license and the associated Voices of Humanity - Order Out of Chaos Initiative. (EIN: 95-3794897)

The mission of the VoH initiative is to build an online community forum that will heal the world, bringing order out of chaos. We are particularly aiming to bring in individuals who support the goals of the United Nations and/or who identify with such marginalized groups as: women, indigenous peoples, other disadvantaged minorities, refugees, veterans, the poor.

Contact CCI President Bronwyn Galloway at u2feminist at gmail or CCI Exec Dir Roger Eaton at rogerweaton at gmail. Or call Roger Eaton at USA 415 933 0153, skype: rogereaton. CCI is looking for more women to be active Board Members. Address: CCI c/o Roger Eaton, 355 Serrano Dr Apt 4F, San Francisco, CA 94132.


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