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Getting Started, 123
  1. Read down the list in the Forum. 
  2. Vote on the item you are reading if it is significant in any way. Use thumbs up or thumbs down to vote.
  3. Write a message of your own. Use the "Add my voice" button to start a new topic or click the "comment" link to reply to one of the items.

Use the "Me & My Friends" button to get to your profile and email settings.

The "Order Out of Chaos" button at the upper left takes you to the forum. 

The "Voices of Humanity" button at the top of the Order Out of Chaos page displays the winning messages overall and by gender and age..

Click the title of a message to expand it. (The + sign in the upper right will also expand the message.)

The short version of your message can be edited separately to give people an idea of what they will get if they expand the message..

A "thread" is a root message plus comments. The "Options" button in the upper right gives you control over how each thread in the forum list is displayed. The "Unthreaded" option shows every message in the list separately, whether root or reply, so in combination with Sort by Date, it is useful for finding the latest entries. 

The geographic levels on the right allow you to filter the messages according to the location of the author. To take full advantage, be sure to enter your state/province, metropolitan area and city/town in your profile. So, for instance, if you are from Oakland in California, you can set the geographic level to see only messages from fellow Oakland residents, or up a level to San Francisco Bay Area residents and so on. 

Communities are designated by the @ sign. @VoH means the Voices of Humanity Community. @UN_goals means the UN Goals Community. Click on a community name to go to the list of messages written by the members of that community, where you may join the community if you want. You can create a new community for yourself on your profile. Then it is up to you to do outreach to persuade others to join your new community. 

Hashtags are designated by the # sign. You add hashtags to the text of your messages. There is an easy way to search for messages with a particular hashtag -- look on the right of the forum list. 

There is a tricky feature to notice here. If you go to a community and then add a message or a comment, then the system automatically adds a hashtag corresponding to the community to the text box that it opens for your message. You can remove the hashtag if you prefer, but the notion is that if you are writing a message while you are at a community, then that message probably should be marked as of interest to that community. For instance, if you go the the @UN_goals community and click "Add my voice" the edit box that opens will have "#UN_goals" already in it. 

If you are a member of a community, you can easily select that community on the right of the forum list. But notice that you can also select the hashtag that corresponds to the community. There is a good reason for this dual selection for the same community. To use @UN_goals again as an example, members of the @UN_goals community are also members of other communities, so if you select only @UN_goals, then the list will show messages that may not be of direct interest to @UN_goals members. So if you select both @UN_goals and #UN_goals, then you will get a list of messages written by @UN_goals members and meant to be of interest to @UN_goals members. 

About Voices of Humanity - Order out of Chaos

Voices of Humanity (VoH) is a project of Collective Communication, Inc. (CCI), a California non-profit. Roger Eaton is Founder of CCI and project leader. Our new President Bronwyn Galloway  is looking for women to be active Board Members.

The mission of the VoH project is to build an online community that will heal the world, bringing order out of chaos.

The Voices of Humanity community centers around the the "Order out of Chaos" discussion which gives a collective voice to the genders and generations and to humanity-as-one. These six collective voices are referred to as the "Voices of Humanity": Voice of Women, Voice of Men, Voice of Youth, Voice of Experience (middle-aged), Voice of Wisdom (seniors) and Voice of Humanity-as-One. 

The six Voices of Humanity will always have something new and inspiring to say. The winning messages each lunar month will weave a tale of love and wit, remaking humanity's vision of itself in the process. Through this new lens, the human race will see itself as the intelligent, generous and capable species that we are, giving us the trust and confidence we need to cooperate on pressing global matters.

Step by Step

  1. If you use facebook to register, then it is a little easier and in the future you can log in with a single click. The software does not use or save your list of friends, in case you are wondering.
  2. If you do not register with facebook, then go to and begin by clicking the "Join" button on the left. After you register, you will need to click in from an email that will be sent to you, just to confirm it really is you.
  3. Now you can read, rate and comment on the messages that have already been entered by others, as many of them as you have time for.
  4. Start a topic of your own by clicking "Add My Voice".
  5. Be sure to click the "Save" button at the bottom after you have written your message. That's it!

Make Your Gift Work Twice
Use the "Make Your Gift Work Twice" button on the left to make a tax deductible donation. The expectation is that we will implement "Make Your Gift Work Twice" to fund the VoH project.